Tips To Get Rid of Pests in Santa Barbara, California

House pests and bed bugs are cringe worthy critters that can fuel your nightmares if your house so happens to be infested by them. Most common bed bugs can last up to a year in a dormant state meaning that they can survive without feeding. What’s worse is that one single female can lay up to 500 eggs and those eggs might take 45-50 days to mature. This is why you’ve got to keep in mind is that this is a long-term process. The tips provided here are things you will need to do repeatedly depending on how critical your infestation is and you might have to be at it for at least three months.

If you choose to ditch the do-it-yourself philosophy and call for a local exterminator in Santa Barbara CA, you still have to keep in mind you will need these services for 3-4 months before you can declare your home a bug-free zone. However, if you’d like to save up some money, try some non-toxic ways to get rid of the bugs here’s what you can do:

Vacuum, Steam-clean, Rinse and Repeat: this is a very straight forward and simple way to get rid of existing bugs and their eggs. You have to make sure to vacuum each crook and cranny of your home, focusing on the areas where you have seen the bugs or you think they might be hiding in. Mattresses, sofas, attics, rugs, pillows and closets are good things to start with. After this you will want to steam-clean with the hottest water you can handle as long as it’s above 115˚ F since this the temperature where most bugs and their eggs die.

Dish soap and General Cleaning Sprays: using any type of general cleaner, especially citrus scented will slow down bugs such as cockroaches and ants. If you want to avoid long lines of ants walking towards your food in your kitchen, spraying the corners and borders of walls with some type of cleaner will help tremendously. For ants, this will slow them down and in some cases kill them, for cockroaches it will only slow them down or make them pass out for a few minutes.

Finally, if what you want is to avoid pests in your Santa Barbara CA home, doing the activities above once a month will come in handy. For folks who have infestation problems, these are tricks that will you will have to repeat at least once a week or twice every month. Or do as I  did and call our local pest control people, it’s a great option.

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