Learn How Low Self-Esteem Can Affect You

Most people begin to question their self-worth at early puberty and from that moment on, they continue to constantly evaluate or devalue themselves as the years go by. The first thing that’s important to understand is that self-worth is the image people have of themselves and the value they give to their existence. These two are constantly challenged by the environment you are living in: the people that surround you, the things you do on your daily life and,your relationships have a great impact on how you see yourself and how you change or modify your definitions of self. Here are some ways in which having a low-self-esteem can affect you:

It Will Affect Every Aspect of Your Life: Think of it as a domino effect, if you have low self-esteem other areas of your life will be affected by it, starting by the most important ones: your relationships and social interactions. The image you have of yourself determines greatly how you interact with others and what type of relationships you develop. Most abusive, negative and destructive relationships involve a victim with low self-esteem.

It Raises More Questions than it Answers: people with low self-esteem and no sense of self-worth tend to question themselves often which can lead to many unfinished projects and unrealized dreams. It can also make them more sensitive towards the opinions of others because they don’t trust their own thoughts and ideas since they never get to finish or work on them.

Low self-esteem is linked to Depression, Stress and Anxiety Disorders: usually these start out by someone losing their sense of worth completely or gradually due to specific circumstances in their life. Many psychologists and psychotherapists agree that by working on their patient’s self-esteem other emotional problems and destructive behaviors were resolved.

It acts like a virus: your low self-esteem doesn’t just affects you it also affects those around you. The people that love you and care about you suffer as a consequence of witnessing the damage it does to you. This is not meant to make you feel guilty, but rather help you visualize your self-worth as something that goes beyond you and that by protecting it, you’re also protecting others.

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