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Hi, I own a small shop in our local town, I’ve had the shop for several years now and is doing quite well in the small town we live in.  The area recently was covered in snow, we must of had at least 3 feet of snow over the town and the surrounding areas. Therefore all the local shops, roads and houses were covered in snow. 

 It wasn’t easy to get to my shop because the whole area was covered, and in places the snow was about 5 feet deep and it wasn’t always ploughed so we couldn’t easily get to the shop. When we did eventually get to the shop the front door had lots of snow packed up against it like all the other shops in the town.

I think this contributed to the break in the shop window and the crack in the front door of the shop. We noticed when we arrived at the amount of snow had broken the window and door and there was water in the shop which is causing damage so had to deal with that as well as the breakage.

We thought we had to get a glazier in quickly because there is lots of broken windows in the street and we don’t have a lot of glaziers in our small town so the first job was to find the local glazier and talk to him. We found the local glazier and called him. He was very helpful and I think because glaziers work very quickly and get lots of windows fixed in a short amount of time.

 He managed to come out the same day as we called him and he did an emergency boarding up job of the window and door which is great because it stopped any more weather coming into the shop. It is at times like these that you do appreciate good service and good local trades person, who is willing to come out and help you at very short notice, I was very impressed with his company and his service.

I think because glaziers are so efficient, they can work very fast get the job done very quickly and get the glass ordered quickly that their rates are reasonable. Also when you are in this time of need, you are almost willing to buy anything to get your window fixed, because it is not something you can easily do yourself.

 I was so impressed with the service and speed to come to our aid even though the weather was bad that I would like to mention the glaziers name here in my blog;

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