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Learning to Forgive Yourself

Forgiving ourselves is crucial for a healthy emotional life and failing to do so can lead to a myriad of issues. It doesn’t matters what it is that has happened there should be such thing as “I won’t forgive myself for this” or “I’ll never get over it”. The first step after recognising you’ve done something wrong to someone or to yourself, is forgiving yourself for it.

What has happened, has happened. Still scolding yourself for the things you did wrong in the past does not change anything about your current situation. The realisation that what you did was not good is important, you had it, but now it’s time to consider it a part of your past that has taught you a lesson and face the future. You don’t ever have to make it happen again. If you weren’t your best self in the past, you can be your best self today.

Willingness to admit your mistakes to yourself and act differently the next time you have to face the same problem is the key to success, not being angry at yourself or refusing to let it go. A mistake does not define you as a person.

Sometimes we don’t forgive ourselves for the emotional situations we are in. If you’ve been depressed, resentful, feeling bad about yourself or frustrated with your emotions for a very long time it can make you angry at yourself for not being able to make a change for the better. This is when it’s most important to let go and treat yourself with love and respect. If you were injured physically, you wouldn’t get mad at yourself, you’d work on nursing yourself back to health. Think of the things that ail your mind, spirit and emotions as injuries that need to be nursed back to health with love, respect and patience.

Remember that we are all only human and the past can’t be change but the present can help you improve your future. Don’t let your mistakes become rocks that pull you down, let them be lessons that bring you forward.