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Meditation and Emotional Health


Meditation is often linked to relaxation, Om chants while sitting with your legs crossed, yoga and many other practices. The first thing that most people mention coming to mind when they hear the word meditation is release and peace. While that is right, many people don’t realise how much meditation can help with emotional health. The practices that involve meditation help release stress and negative feelings, through meditation, people can give their brain an energy boost or a short break.

Through meditation you can either become self-aware of every thought that’s on your mind at a given moment but without becoming overwhelmed by them. You can also free yourself from any thoughts at all, giving your mind a period of peace and quiet. You may be wondering how can this relate to your emotional health specifically and that’s what we’ll explore now.

Emotional disorders and conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolarity, low self-esteem, etc involve a mind that is overwhelmed by thoughts, most of them negative, that the person can’t seem to turn off or stop. Practicing meditation can help single out the thoughts that hurt you the most and see them under a new light. Moreover, through meditation you can fuel your brain with the strength it needs to become stable. Think of meditation as an aid, a treatment to nurture your mind and soul.

A good starting meditation technique is to close your eyes and visualise a white light, although, you can visualise this light of whichever colour you want it to be. Visualise that this light comes through your head and you see it go through your body until it exits through your feet. As this light goes through your body, think of it healing and relaxing your body from within. In reality, you can think of this light as doing anything you want it to do, help you relax, help you become more self-aware or help you handle your thoughts better. By focusing on this light, you are able to have a good starting point to master your mind and direct it to a calm and controlled state.

Other meditation techniques involve focused and slow breathing, Om-chants and various yoga positions. Don’t be afraid to explore different techniques and make meditation a healthy habit. Whether you’re suffering of any condition emotionally or not, you will feel how meditation helps strengthen your mind and calm your thoughts.

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