Things To Do To Stay Positive Through Hard Times

You may be going through a hard time or a rough patch in your life and you’re wondering how you’re going to be able to keep your chin up. You might be tired or scared that you’re losing patience and can no longer keep up a smiling face towards your problems. Things might not always happen the way we want them to but learning to shift the circumstances of life to our favour and find silver linings is an art that can be developed and greatly improve our ability to stay positive through the difficult times.

  1. Meditate: through meditation you can get rid of all your thoughts and let your soul, mind and spirit become blank slates. At first, it’s hard to quiet your thoughts and let go of them but with practice, meditation can help you let go of negativity, rejuvenate yourself and relax.
  1. Hobbies: find something that makes you feel relaxed and happy and set aside some time to let yourself go through that activity. It doesn’t matters what it is, it can be reading, writing, crafts, watching your favourite TV show just as long as it allows you to take your mind off reality for a short while.
  1. Volunteer: a good way to stay positive and feel like, in the midst of all your problems, you’re still finding a way to make good things happens is to volunteer for a cause of your choice.
  1. Rant: yes, ranting doesn’t sounds very positive does it? But sometimes, ranting is exactly what we need to let off some steam. Whether you have someone to talk to or you just need to talk to yourself, don’t be afraid to speak up and let your feelings run their course. Sulking will never help you stay positive but through ranting, you can get all the negative feelings and thoughts off you.
  1. Look for the silver linings: Life isn’t perfect and being aggressively positive isn’t realistic either but, a good way to stay positive through hard times is by looking for the good in the bad. This is no easy task but with practice, you will be able to find the silver linings in life and make the best out of it.

What’s most important is that you always remember that feeling bummed or sad is okay. You won’t be able to stay happy at all times regardless of what happens. Trying to keep a positive outlook in life is not about literally keeping a preppy attitude but about knowing deep inside that negative situations are temporary and that with time, things work out.

Learn How Low Self-Esteem Can Affect You

Most people begin to question their self-worth at early puberty and from that moment on, they continue to constantly evaluate or devalue themselves as the years go by. The first thing that’s important to understand is that self-worth is the image people have of themselves and the value they give to their existence. These two are constantly challenged by the environment you are living in: the people that surround you, the things you do on your daily life and,your relationships have a great impact on how you see yourself and how you change or modify your definitions of self. Here are some ways in which having a low-self-esteem can affect you:

It Will Affect Every Aspect of Your Life: Think of it as a domino effect, if you have low self-esteem other areas of your life will be affected by it, starting by the most important ones: your relationships and social interactions. The image you have of yourself determines greatly how you interact with others and what type of relationships you develop. Most abusive, negative and destructive relationships involve a victim with low self-esteem.

It Raises More Questions than it Answers: people with low self-esteem and no sense of self-worth tend to question themselves often which can lead to many unfinished projects and unrealized dreams. It can also make them more sensitive towards the opinions of others because they don’t trust their own thoughts and ideas since they never get to finish or work on them.

Low self-esteem is linked to Depression, Stress and Anxiety Disorders: usually these start out by someone losing their sense of worth completely or gradually due to specific circumstances in their life. Many psychologists and psychotherapists agree that by working on their patient’s self-esteem other emotional problems and destructive behaviors were resolved.

It acts like a virus: your low self-esteem doesn’t just affects you it also affects those around you. The people that love you and care about you suffer as a consequence of witnessing the damage it does to you. This is not meant to make you feel guilty, but rather help you visualize your self-worth as something that goes beyond you and that by protecting it, you’re also protecting others.

Tips To Get Rid of Pests in Santa Barbara, California

House pests and bed bugs are cringe worthy critters that can fuel your nightmares if your house so happens to be infested by them. Most common bed bugs can last up to a year in a dormant state meaning that they can survive without feeding. What’s worse is that one single female can lay up to 500 eggs and those eggs might take 45-50 days to mature. This is why you’ve got to keep in mind is that this is a long-term process. The tips provided here are things you will need to do repeatedly depending on how critical your infestation is and you might have to be at it for at least three months.

If you choose to ditch the do-it-yourself philosophy and call for a local exterminator in Santa Barbara CA, you still have to keep in mind you will need these services for 3-4 months before you can declare your home a bug-free zone. However, if you’d like to save up some money, try some non-toxic ways to get rid of the bugs here’s what you can do:

Vacuum, Steam-clean, Rinse and Repeat: this is a very straight forward and simple way to get rid of existing bugs and their eggs. You have to make sure to vacuum each crook and cranny of your home, focusing on the areas where you have seen the bugs or you think they might be hiding in. Mattresses, sofas, attics, rugs, pillows and closets are good things to start with. After this you will want to steam-clean with the hottest water you can handle as long as it’s above 115˚ F since this the temperature where most bugs and their eggs die.

Dish soap and General Cleaning Sprays: using any type of general cleaner, especially citrus scented will slow down bugs such as cockroaches and ants. If you want to avoid long lines of ants walking towards your food in your kitchen, spraying the corners and borders of walls with some type of cleaner will help tremendously. For ants, this will slow them down and in some cases kill them, for cockroaches it will only slow them down or make them pass out for a few minutes.

Finally, if what you want is to avoid pests in your Santa Barbara CA home, doing the activities above once a month will come in handy. For folks who have infestation problems, these are tricks that will you will have to repeat at least once a week or twice every month. Or do as I  did and call our local pest control people, it’s a great option.

Meditation and Emotional Health


Meditation is often linked to relaxation, Om chants while sitting with your legs crossed, yoga and many other practices. The first thing that most people mention coming to mind when they hear the word meditation is release and peace. While that is right, many people don’t realise how much meditation can help with emotional health. The practices that involve meditation help release stress and negative feelings, through meditation, people can give their brain an energy boost or a short break.

Through meditation you can either become self-aware of every thought that’s on your mind at a given moment but without becoming overwhelmed by them. You can also free yourself from any thoughts at all, giving your mind a period of peace and quiet. You may be wondering how can this relate to your emotional health specifically and that’s what we’ll explore now.

Emotional disorders and conditions such as depression, anxiety, bipolarity, low self-esteem, etc involve a mind that is overwhelmed by thoughts, most of them negative, that the person can’t seem to turn off or stop. Practicing meditation can help single out the thoughts that hurt you the most and see them under a new light. Moreover, through meditation you can fuel your brain with the strength it needs to become stable. Think of meditation as an aid, a treatment to nurture your mind and soul.

A good starting meditation technique is to close your eyes and visualise a white light, although, you can visualise this light of whichever colour you want it to be. Visualise that this light comes through your head and you see it go through your body until it exits through your feet. As this light goes through your body, think of it healing and relaxing your body from within. In reality, you can think of this light as doing anything you want it to do, help you relax, help you become more self-aware or help you handle your thoughts better. By focusing on this light, you are able to have a good starting point to master your mind and direct it to a calm and controlled state.

Other meditation techniques involve focused and slow breathing, Om-chants and various yoga positions. Don’t be afraid to explore different techniques and make meditation a healthy habit. Whether you’re suffering of any condition emotionally or not, you will feel how meditation helps strengthen your mind and calm your thoughts.

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Ways To Improve Self-Worth


Improving your self-worth is all about practice and constantly reminding yourself that you deserve to treat yourself better and feel good about who you are, your existence and your future. Here’s some important things you need to take care of if you seek to improve or strengthen your self-worth:

Don’t let the thought you aren’t good enough rent space in your head. Beginning to question your worth is the root of low self-confidence. Humans have the habit of thinking of the worth of things and seem to want to apply a value to nearly everything. We’re not all the same and we can’t be given the same value, questioning our value or that of others in terms of how important or how necessary we are in life is toxic. We were all born to find our own special place in this world and all of us are needed for something.

Shut your ears and open your eyes. The most important fact you have to keep in your head is that the opinion others have of you does not define your self-worth. Respect towards other people is essential, despite what you think of them, but respect doesn’t means you have to let their opinions affect the core of who you are. It’s a challenge to be completely repellent towards the things people say to devalue you, but once you do, you will feel much better about yourself.

Remove toxic people from your life. If somebody only has to say bad things about you, seems to nearly dedicate their life to making you feel bad about yourself and doesn’t sees the potential you have, don’t allow them a spot in your life. Distance yourself from them as much as possible and don’t believe in their words.

Acknowledge your talents and passions. Everybody things they’re absolutely crazy about and that they really enjoy. It doesn’t matter what it is or even if you’re not as good at what you enjoy doing as other people doing the same thing seem to be. Its the passion you have for those particular things makes you amazing in your own way, can inspire other people, can make other people laugh and has the potential to make you happy on a grey day. Don’t hide your talents or passions, don’t think you have to be perfect at what you’re doing, just do things that make you happy.

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